Mental Health Services

Phone: 256-741-7421


Degrees and Certifications:

Education and Experience: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN, GSCC), Experience in Urgent Care and Pediatric Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Child Development (JSU), Mental Health Training with local and state entities, Certified in both Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid, Certified Trainer in YMHFA

Amber Butler

My name is Amber Butler and I am the Calhoun County Schools Mental Health Services Coordinator. I am here to help each and every student get to a mental space to be successful in every phase of their school career and provide them access to the tools they need to lead a thriving life. I also take great consideration to aid our teachers, administration, faculty, and staff in reaching their full potential by offering mental health support. 

We are always looking for ways to better serve our students. I am able to provide support within our district by bringing awareness and interventions that promote mental health wellness. 

I am a nurse by profession and children are my passion. With my experience in nursing, I have taken that same compassion, patience, advocacy, and understanding into this role. 

As a parent, I understand the challenges our children face within today’s society. I want to be sure our children understand that they are not alone in navigating the storms that they endure. I work alongside our administration and other teams to aid in removing mental health barriers that may be preventing our students from learning and thriving. I also work closely with our teachers, counselors, and community resources to be proactive in consultation, coordination, and collaboration to get interventions started early on in students' school careers.  

It is vital to take a proactive approach in mental health and to serve our students, not only through academics, but also by helping them regulate and navigate their behaviors and emotions. I hold great respect for our parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors, SPED, social workers, nurses, administration, and students. I know that if we work together, we can be a very successful team. 

 I am so honored to be in such a pivotal role to help provide this service to our district and begin the conversation of making mental health a priority.   

“May the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary.” - Xan Oku