• Residency Verification with the GIS System

    1. Go to https://gis.calhouncounty.org/

    2. Select Current Site (Mobile Friendly)

    3. In the “Parcel Search” box change the “Search By” criteria from “PPN” to “Address”

    4. As you enter the address it should populate in the drop down menu

    5. Select the address and click “Search”

    6. Once you have your result, go to the upper right hand menu and select “Layer List” (fourth icon in the menu that looks like a stack of papers)

    7. In the “Layer List” menu click on the words “Parcel Data”

    8. Towards the bottom of this section click the checkbox AND click on the words “School Districts” 

    9. The color for the appropriate school zone should populate around the address that was entered.   It may be necessary to zoom/pan out so that you can see the zone and proximity to other zones.  The residence will still be visible as a lime green parcel within the zone.