Pleasant Valley Elementary

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Beliefs of Pleasant Valley Elementary

    • Pleasant Valley Elementary School believes that parents and guardians are an important component of the educational team.

    • We believe that every child deserves a safe, clean, and orderly environment that focuses on learning.

    • We believe that every child is important and capable of learning when his or her individual needs are met.

    • We believe that every child should learn self-discipline, moral values, and good character.

    • We believe that the faculty and staff of Pleasant Valley Elementary School should be fair, consistent, and caring individuals who strive to meet the needs of every child.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Pleasant Valley Elementary School is to help our students find success and become lifelong learners.

PVE Raider Code

  • 1.  Be the Captain of your own SHIP! You have control of yourself.

    2. Know your destination- Always have a plan.

    3. Seize the DAY! Get the big jobs done first.

    4. Listen to your surroundings!!

    5. Stay strong in storms. Never give up!

    6. Encourage your crew.

    7. Find your treasure- HAVE PASSION!

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