Pleasant Valley Elementary

Dedicated to excellence in education


Beliefs of Pleasant Valley Elementary

  • Pleasant Valley Elementary School believes that parents and guardians are an important component of the educational team. We believe that every child deserves a safe, clean, and orderly environment that focuses on learning. We believe that every child is important and capable of learning when his or her individual needs are met. We believe that every child should learn self-discipline, moral values, and good character. We believe that the faculty and staff of Pleasant Valley Elementary School should be fair, consistent, and caring individuals who strive to meet the needs of every child.

PVE Raider Code

  • 1.  Be the Captain of your own SHIP! You have control of yourself.

    2. Know your destination- Always have a plan.

    3. Seize the DAY! Get the big jobs done first.

    4. Listen to your surroundings!!

    5. Stay strong in storms. Never give up!

    6. Encourage your crew.

    7. Find your treasure- HAVE PASSION!

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