• The MISSION of the EXCEL Virtual Academy is to provide a high-quality online education with flexible and individualized learning opportunities.

      The BELIEFS of EXCEL Virtual Academy:

    • Students should be at the center of every decision made.
    • Inspire academic virtual excellence in learning so all students will be college and career ready.
    • Courses will be engaging and interactive with rigorous standards-based content as well as blended learning opportunities to meet the diverse educational needs of students.

      The GOALS of EXCEL Virtual Academy:

    • Focus on the individual success of each student and tailor courses/instruction to students' educational needs. 
    • Provide flexibility so learning can be individualized and differentiated.
    • To remove barriers that impede learning. 

    EXCEL is a free public accredited education with the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime. EXCEL is planned to provide students and parents options to a personalized education plan that can be tailored to their interests and to expand learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting.

    EXCEL will offer a standards-based curriculum taught by certified teachers. Virtual programs allow students to learn exclusively from home, essentially on their own. In addition, virtual programs offer "blended learning," which combines online learning with face-to-face instruction.

    • Enrollment will be open for students residing within the Calhoun County School District in grades 6 -12.
    • Students enrolled in EXCEL will have access to participate in band, athletics, and Calhoun County Career Academy.
    • Students will also have opportunities for field trips as well as regularly held Ed-Tech camps.
    • Students will have access to certified educators, as needed, for assistance.