• Take a breath. Calm your mind. Regulate your emotions.

     Being able to self regulate your emotions is a learned skill. Taking time to create the space in your mind to process and react is an essential part of life.  Whether you are running on high emotion and stress or you need to regain emotional or physical control, finding a "Calm Space" is essential for all ages.

  •  multicolored bird sitting on broken limb

    Birds Chirping

    Nature sounds, with the soothing sound of a waterfall, forest sounds or birdsong are relaxing to our minds and help us to sleep, study, relaxation or for meditation. We are able to relax with these peaceful sounds of nature which have accompanied us since the dawn of time.

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  •  raindrops on window

    Calming Water

    Relaxing sounds for sleep and relaxation. Thunderstorm sounds and relaxing rain sounds for sleep, meditation & deep relaxation. This nature sounds sleep aid video will create a calming ambience for relaxation and provide insomnia relief on a sleepless night. It is widely considered that thunder and rain sounds are great for stress and anxiety relief.

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  •  person meditating near a lake

    Music for focus, study, meditation

    3 hours of calm and soothing instrumental background music: Relaxing ambient music with piano for stress relief, spa, focusing, studying, or simply to enjoy.

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  •  grey couch with soothing decor surrounding

    Create a calming space at home!

    Being able to calm yourself when emotions run high – or self-regulate – is a learned skill. Similar to how a child is taught to tie their shoe once they have the fine motor skills to do so, once a child’s brain is developmentally ready to self-regulate, they can learn different strategies and ways that work well for them. Think about what worked well for you the last time you felt angry, unheard, anxious or any other negative feeling. Did you go outside to get fresh air? Did you practice yoga or meditation?

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