Step 1:  Complete a Transcript Audit.  It is important that you become aware of State and Local District course requirements.  These requirements are sometimes different from school to school and district to district.  However, the State Department of Education has minimal requirements.  Please complete a Transcript Audit using the Audit Form.

    Step 2:  Grade Level Course Request Forms should be reviewed.  Please view the request form for the anticipated grade level the student will enter.  This form should be followed as a guide for selecting courses.

    Place Course Requests Forms HERE

    Step 3:  Review the course progression chart for each content area (i.e. Math, Science, History, and English).  This pathway will guide you in your next content area classes.  We offer two academic pathways.  At Saks High School, we will offer a general pathway and an Honors Pathway (for those who accel at a faster rate).  A STAR Testing standardized growth metric (must be on grade level),  90% school attendance percentage, and a placement test within the honors course will be used as a benchmark for the Honors Pathway.

     Step 4:  Select the appropriate number of elective options for the grade level(s) you enter.

    Elective form HERE

    10-12th Grade Elective form HERE

     Step 5:  Complete the appropriate Grade Level Request Form and return to the counselor

     Place course selection forms here


    The master schedule of classes at SHS is based on specific course requests by students.  It is very important that students discuss course choices with their parents, teachers, and counselors, because teachers are hired and assigned so that students have the opportunity to take the courses they request. Every attempt will be made to schedule students into the courses they choose during the course selection process each spring semester.  Upperclassmen will have priority in elective classes.  Because of this, classroom size could potentially prevent some requests from being honored.  Please keep in mind that requests are not guarantees.  We will make every effort to place each student in the course they request.

    • Schedule changes will not be made unless a genuine mistake is made in the selection of courses that will affect the student’s graduation plan. Students will not have their schedules changed merely because a subject is difficult, because they do not wish to have a certain teacher or to have lunch at a particular time of day.  Such requests will be denied.
    • The student is a senior and is not scheduled in a course required for graduation
    • The student is misplaced in a course (no prerequisites, previously earned credit, etc.).
    • The school may change student schedules in order to balance class size or to accommodate a teacher.