Degrees and Certifications:

Lena Calloway

I have a BS degree in Psychology, a MS in Community Agency Counseling and a MS in Education. Also, I'm a certified nurse assistant.  In pursuit of my education, I worked in the healthcare field in the area of geriatrics in local nursing homes as well as the hospital. After completing my counseling degree I began working in Substance Abuse at the mental health center.  There I counseled adolescents and adults who were court ordered to attend substance abuse classes.  Needless to say, my clients were not happy campers.  Later I moved on to work with children who had emotional disorders, mentally challenged and had been removed from their homes, which placed me on the other end of the spectrum dealing with children.  This was a challenging task; and, also where I fell in love with working with special needs children.  Therefore, I went back to school for special education.  I would say that I'm still fairly new in the field of teaching, because I have only three years under my belt.  The first two years of my teaching career was completed in the state of Mississippi.  This is my forth year of teaching and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.