Work-based Learning is a structured component of the Career and Technical Education curriculum that integrates classroom instruction with productive, progressive, supervised, paid work-based experiences in fields related to student’s career objectives.

    To enroll in the work-based learning program, students must:


    • Complete an Interview with Mrs. Almaroad
    • Turn in a resume

    • Have taken at least one Career Technical Education course.  Career Preparedness will count as the Career Technical course.

    • Have transportation to and from the training station

    • Have an acceptable attendance and discipline record

    • Be at least 16 years of age

    • Be classified as an 11th or 12th grader

    • Be on track for graduation

    Students must work a minimum of 15 hours a week, 140 hours a semester, for one credit unit.  A maximum of one credit may be earned each semester. Students who work 140 hours first semester and 140 hours second semester may earn two credits for the school year.  

     Work-based Learning affords students excellent opportunities to:

    • Receive vocational instruction in their chosen career

    • Apply skills they have received from Trade and Industrial Occupational specific programs in a work-based learning situation

    • Transfer from the role of full-time student to part-time employee

    A job is more than a way of earning a living; it is a way of life. Work-based Learning is an opportunity for high school students to work in the local community while gaining high school credit. Students can apply for the  program through their counselor at their local high school. As part of this program, students will gain employability skills and responsibility as well as school credit.  They will gain personal satisfaction and pride in doing a good job, plus have a firm grip on their future career.

    Calhoun County Career Academy is committed to excellence in its Work-based learning programs. To help us achieve this aim, we reach out to leaders in business, industry and the community asking them to work with us by employing some of our co-op students. Local companies can become partners in education by contacting the Work-based Learning Coordinator at 256-741-4625.