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Facility Upgrades for Calhoun County Schools

The Calhoun County School System is in the initial stages of facility upgrades at Alexandria High School, White Plains High School campuses, and Pleasant Valley High School. Linked below are the initial plans for the facility upgrades which are subject to change during the design process. In brief, on the Alexandria campus, the auxiliary gymnasium built in the 1950s will be removed and replaced. On the White Plains campuses, an addition to WES will be built to move grades 5-6 to WES as well as enlarging the multipurpose/PE space. 

A competition gymnasium, band, and agricultural spaces will be added to the existing WPMS campus. At the conclusion of the upgrades, students in grades 9-12 will join the remaining students in grades 7-8 to form one 7-12 campus on the WPMS site. At the Pleasant Valley campus, a renovation of the existing baseball and softball fields will occur. 

At this time, renderings are fluid and can change as additional meetings among staff occur. Included are initial drawings of the proposed projects. To date, Ward Scott Morris Architecture has been approved as the Architectural firm for the project. 


Initial Plans