Degrees and Certifications:

Nicole Reid Mouchka

Nicole Mouchka grew up in Nances Creek, AL and is a 1990 graduate of White Plains High School. She attended Jacksonville State University, earning a Bachelor's degree in Social Work in 1994 and a Master's in Counseling in 1999. She has been at White Plains Elementary since 2001. 

Mrs. Mouchka has been married to her husband, Roger, since 2006 and has two grown children, Micah and Scout.

Mrs. Mouchka is passionate about helping students to become responsible and productive members of society. She believes that even young chldren are capable of making good choices, and teaches her students to stop and think before doing something that could have negative consequences. She also teaches students to treat others as they want to be treated and encourages them to always do their best. Mrs. Mouchka strives to help foster a school environment in which every child feels welcome and loved. 

Contact Information:

(256) 741-7707