• Good evening,


    This week marks the 7th week since we closed our doors to classes at our schools (if I counted correctly). During this time we have seen amazing teachers, staff, administrators, parents and community members work together to meet not only the educational needs of our students but the emotional and physical needs of students and their families.  If we learn nothing else during this time of isolation I hope that our students see that in times like these, everyone must  bond together to help those in need. I believe that they will see and remember that from their school system and its employees. In my personal and humble opinion, I believe that you have all emulated the hands of Christ during this time.  For that I  am forever grateful.  I have watched on social media, teachers who have met with their classes weekly.  Teachers and even Board Members who have read stories to the students and comforted them by letting them know they are missed and loved. I have listened to parents on the phone tell me how much it has meant to their child that their teacher(s) have called, sent emails, cards and letters and even driven by to see and wave (from a distance) how their students are doing.  
    Folks, that is what we are all about! I’ve seen admins and their families along with teachers and staff unload food, separate and bag it for pick up.   I’ve seen cars lined up at schools to get the food as well as packets of work so that students can decrease the amount of “educational slippage” that summer sometimes brings.  It truly warms my heart to know that we have that level of caring in our system and I’m am humbled, honored and blessed to be your leader. 
    I pray that we are coming to the end of this pandemic very soon.  I know that we will have a “new” normal from now on but that we will all be better because of what we have experienced.  Please know that we are anticipating the May 15 decision of our Governor before we begin to finalize graduation plans for our seniors.  Trust that they will have some type of ceremony where they will be recognized for their accomplishments. 
    Again, I thank you for ALL you continue to do during this unprecedented time.  We will get through this together.  
    Donald A. Turner, Jr.