Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Blake Jennings

       My name is Coach Blake Jennings. I am in my 7th year at Ohatchee High School now. I teach Chemistry, Physical Science, Environmental Science, and Anatomy. I am the head varsity baseball coach and defensive coordinator for the varsity football team. I am happily married for 3 years now to Morgan Jennings. In my spare time, I like to deer hunt, turkey hunt, and go fishing.

            The philosophy of education is different in many eyes of different educators. To me, the purpose of education is being able to make students enjoy coming to school while being challenged and learning discipline along the way. Students that are challenged in the classroom respect the teacher much more than a classroom that is super easy. Teaching discipline to kids in my eyes is making sure they understand the definition of discipline and apply that definition to their every day life. The definition of discipline to me is doing what is expected of you personally while no one is watching.

            Entering the field of education was an easy career choice because it allows for me to make a difference in someone’s life each day. My principal and high school football coach showed me that educators have the best job in the world because they always made an impact in my life and others. They taught morals, respect, and how to be a leader to all children. Being able to make these impacts on students each day lets me know that I have chosen the right path. 

            All students learn in different ways. These different ways are auditory, visual, linguistic, and kinesthetic.  In today’s world, most students are more visually stimulated than any other generation. Teachers must use new technologies to get the material across to our students in today’s ever changing technological world. I, also, learn best visually. If I am able to see the process of what should happen, it is much easier to identify with the material.

            As I teach, I am very process oriented. The students know that they have to follow all directions and pay attention to the small details. Not paying attention to the small details allows for students to get off track. I take a business like approach to the classroom while also making sure fun is incorporated. Taking my business like approach and process oriented mind will allow for me to become a great leader. I want to lead children on the path to success. The goal for all my children is be able to live successful lives and be prepared for the real world upon graduating high school. The goal for myself each and every day is to impact a child’s life in a positive way. I may have taught the same subject for many years, but it is still that student’s only year in that certain grade. It is up to me to make sure that students’ time is not wasted, only filled with success and accomplishing their goals.